Excellent Mixing and Smooth Discharging

Reliable Drive Mechanism

Adopting Weather Resistant Steel

3 Strong Points of TTR Mixer Truck

1. Excelent mixing and smooth discharging

TTR's original spiral blade design makes excellent mixing capability in various slumps and smooth discharging.

It maintains quality of concrete, and running stability of vehicle.
Able to discharge without pulsation that provides effortless operation work.

2. Reliable drive mechanism

For Hydraulic motor and pump, TTR adopted Danfoss brand that is most trusted brand world wide.

Excellent in mixing capability and smooth discharging of concrete as well as keeping the quality of concrete.

3. Adopting weather resistant steel

For the major part of Drum and Spiral blade, TTR adopted whether resistant steel. Due to less wear by corrosion, it has a longer life than conventional steel plate.

Standard Equipment


Control Lever

It provide an accumurate drum rotation control with a single control lever. By one hand, it gives you easy and excellent controllability.


The main chute is equipped with "Chute Liner" (Double wall construction) that significantly improved durability.

Oil Cooler

With built-in thermostat, it automatically detect the oil temperature. It safely and effectively cools down the oil temp.

Flow Guide

Due to its large and wide structure, it enables to discharge concrete smoothly. TTR's Flow Guide has a separated construction for easy maintenance.